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Councils agree to cascade people’s planning process

16,Nov 2016
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The Chairmen of Moyamba, Kailahun and Koinadugu district Councils have unanimously agree to cascade the People’s Planning Process(PPP) to all chiefdoms in the three districts and with the best practices and learnings the process will be rolled out to other parts in the country. The PPP is design to ensure that policy makers, project implementing organizations and other community based initiatives listen to communities and involve them in the post ebola development processes.

This idea was developed to respond to the post ebola prevention, healing and recovery for development in communities.

During a three-day inter-district learning and sharing conference on November 10th-12th, 2016 at Taia resort, Taiama in Moyamba district, the three chairmen (Prof. Herbert Bob Kandeh-Moyamba, Sheku Samuel Kamara-Koinadugu and Alex Bonafa of Kailahun)after series of discussions with members of the Inclusive District Peace and Development Committee(IDPDC) members came to a conclusion to replicate the People’s Planning Process to all chiefdoms.

In his contribution, Prof.H.B.Kandeh, chairman of Moyamba District Council mentioned that Council is ready to support the People’s Planning Process in the district for the development of communities. He said it is a good initiative and therefore even in the absence of  Fambul Tok and Catalyst For Peace they should not allow it to fail. He stated the successful conduction of IDPDC’s meetings and the peaceful intervention of members to settle the problem between MSF construction company and youth.

Koinadugu District Chairman,S.S.Kamara stated the he will work with his colleagues  and other partners to harmonize the People’s Planning Process so that Ward committee members will also be part and parcel of the process.

Chairman,Kailahun District Council,Alex Bonafa  in his statement said when the people resolve to do anything the Government must follow and therefore called on Government to support the planning process for the development of communities

President,Catalyst For Peace,Libby Hoffman gave a brief background of how he came across the founder of Fambul Tok John Caulker and how the partnership has been strengthening over the past nine years.

Executive Director of Fambul Tok, John Caulker explained that initiative of the People’s Planning Process is a product of a nine-year community healing and reconciliation that Fambul Tok and Catalyst For Peace have been doing.

Traditional leaders also hailed the process and promised to market the idea to other chiefdoms

One of the objectives of the conference was to  provide an overview of the People’s Planning Process, and to gain an understanding of the core elements of IDPDC formation, for new and potential partners and for working in new districts.

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