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Insurance Foundation Course certifies 30 graduates

23,Feb 2016
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Thirty graduates have been awarded certificates at the end of their training exercise at the Insurance Foundation Course at a ceremony held at the British Council last Friday which attracted top notch in the Insurance business in the country.
Speaking at the ceremony Raymond Macauley, of Aureol Insurance Company (AIC), coordinator of the course, emphasised that the long journey whose climax would be witnessed shortly started on the 23rd April 2011, citing further that “we were beset with challenges such as rescheduling of classes, lecturers travelling out of the country and the Ebola virus disease which almost led to the cancellation of the examination.”

The General Manager of AIC affirmed further that “however, even if exams were not cancelled, this ceremony was deferred for over a year, but as the old adage says, “it is better late than never.”
He told his audience that a total of 35 participants started the 2014 Insurance Foundation Course 7 of such participants were private students (the highest in the history of the course) from within and outside the insurance industry.
Raymond Macauley also noted that a total of 116 students have participated in the IFC program in the country since its inception in 2003, to which he boasted that “all 30 of them who have had the opportunity to pursue the one year diploma in Insurance at the institute in the Gambia have been successful.”
Looking into the future, he emphasised that, “I want to emphasize that the world today is very different from the one which experience two world wars, considering advancing in science and technology, along with the strengthening of institutions, have led to significant socio-economic progress.”
He therefore admonish all stakeholder to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by the institute and other risk and insurance training institutions  “if we want to increase the Human Capital Capacity to meet the challenges of this dynamic world.”
In his brief contribution, the President of the Sierra Leone Insurance Association, Hassan Gbassay Kanu, encourages the gradients to implement what they have learnt during their training, as insurance is a dynamic profession.
Representing the Commissioner of Insurance, Impiaz Karim admonished the recipients to make good use of what they have learnt to the best of their knowledge and abilities, so that the various Insurance Companies would benefit in diverse ways.
He noted that “it is worth nothing that SLICOM is always an advocate for insurance education and training which would contribute tremendously to boost the image of the Insurance industry,” therefore he extended his appreciation to the West African Insurance Institute and Sierra Leone Insurance Association especially the course coordinator who collaborated to make the  Foundation  Course a success.
Emerging as the best student was Claris Roy-Macauley of the AIC, followed by Hassan Osman kamara, who entered the course as a private candidate, and Joyce Hamilton.
The three were also awarded individual prices for their remarkable performances in five subjects.

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