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APC Disappointed with APPA

27,Mar 2019
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The main opposition, the All People’s Congress (APC) party has expressed disappointment over what it has described as ‘an announcement of an injunction slammed at All Political Parties Association (APPA) by a self-acclaimed APPA leadership’.

This was according to Karamoh Kabba, the party’s Lead Representative at APPA press conference held yesterday in Freetown.


According to Karamoh the APC delegation he led at the Miata Conference Hall on 23rd March 2019 was shocked and awed by the announcement of an injunction slammed at APPA by a self-acclaimed APPA leadership.

He said: “We only hope and pray that we are not, yet, in another strange bed-fellowship with the ruling party.” Sighting the alleged SLPP mastering the art of roguery in elections; observation that government functionaries and ministers engaging the controversial APPA of Dr. Sandi and observation that the strange representation at State House as APPA coordinator is unsettling, as reasons that justifies the party’s allegation.

He went on to invite the press cover the content of the APPA meeting correctly, while expressing dismay over a newspaper report yesterday that only four political parties, APC, SLPP, C4C and NGC, converged at Miata conference hall for the APPA national delegates conference.

“If they were there and were attentive, they wouldn’t have misinformed the public in such a way” Karamoh noted, adding: “let it be known that twelve political parties were present at Miata conference and that there are two political parties who don’t belong to APPA. Therefore, Dr. Sandi’s controversial APPA is made up of only three political parties.”

He said as a very big Party and the most formidable in opposition, the APC worked behind closed doors with Dr. Sandi and encouraged him to join the democratic process in electing a new APPA executive.

He said the Party still wish to encourage all the three political parties with Dr. Sandi’s controversial APPA to join the process and to abandon his illegitimate acclaim to APPA leadership.

The APC strongman concluded saying: “Once more, I hope and pray, going forward, that this partnership we have forged amongst us in fighting againts undemocratic means of winning elections will be the model in all other elections and the 2023 election the APC will win.”

He said for a breath of fresh air, in a question and answer session, Dr. Prince Harding cleared the air that the Minister of Political and Public Affairs would be informed to stop all activities with Dr. Sandi’s controversial APPA.

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