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“Leprosy Can Be Cured” Says Health Minister

01,Feb 2016
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By Annans Sesay

Freetown, Jan.29, 016 (MOHS) - The Minister of Health and Sanitation, Dr. Abu Bakarr Fofanah during his broadcast speech to the nation marking the 63rd Anniversary of World Leprosy Day on Sunday January 31, 2016 called on Sierra Leoneans to note that Leprosy can be prevented, treated and cured.


He expressed his desire to join hands with the President of the International Federation of Anti- Leprosy Association, Mr. Rene Staheli, to underscore their strong condemnation of all acts and forms of discrimination and stigmatization against people affected by leprosy at all levels.

“We are taking proactive measures to ensure early detection and treatment of Leprosy, to prevent transmission to children” he said.

The Minister disclosed that in 2011,  Leprosy significantly reduce to 145, adding that by 2015, the number of new Leprosy casesregisterd continue to reduce as seen with 133 cases.

He said these figures encouragingly show improvement in the eradication of Leprosy.

Dr. Fofanah expressed gratitude and appreciation to the World Health Organization (WHO), the German Leprosy Relief Association (GLRA), the Catholic Mission, Masanga Hospital, among others for their resourceful partnership.


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