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Citizens Voice on Commissions of Inquiry

12,Feb 2019
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By Mohamed B. Kamara

A report done by independent investigators reveals that 90% of Sierra Leoneans know about the Commission of Inquiry and 82% believe that the inquiry will be fair. However, 19%, mostly from Makeni believe the inquiry would lead to violence.

The Institute for Government Reform (IGR), recently presented their ‘Voices and Views on Sierra Leone 2019 Commissions of Inquiry Report’ which details the current feelings of the general public about the SLPP Commissions of Inquiry.


The presentation which took place at the IGR Head Office Lumley was done in the presence of Anti-Corruption Commissioner, Francis Ben Kelfala.

The report suggested that the Commissions of Inquiry will be most effective if the Commission unearths corruption in strategic issues such as Ebola, Census, Mudslide, Telecoms and Road Contracts which the current SLPP government wants to investigate.

The institute over the years has strengthened political governance by supporting free, fair and peaceful elections in Sierra Leone as well as promoting public accountability.

The Voice and Views Sierra Leone 2019 Commissions of Inquiry report is an interview gathered across three main cities in Sierra Leone including Bo, Makeni and Freetown.

The interview was conducted with at least 1,143 people get their views of the Commissions of Inquiry initiated by the Bio-led SLPP government.

Andrew Lavallie who is the Executive Director of Institute for Government Reform, said that the report is to inform government on the people’s views around the Commission of Inquiry, and to also take note of what people think about the procedures used in the setting and procedural aspect of the Commissions of Inquiry.

Francis Ben Kelfala, ACC Commissioner said that the report is an eye-opener to the ACC and the Government of Sierra Leone. He added that Sierra Leoneans should support the government for a smooth process of the Commissions of Inquiry.

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