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Anglican Bishop donates to Mao Wharf Community

27,Jan 2016
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By Francess Panda

As part of their continuous effort to not only win souls but to support humanity’s  physical and material needs, the Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Freetown, Bishop Thomas A.I. Wilson has donated millions worth of assorted food and non food items to the Mao Wharf community.  

Before presenting the items to the community occupying part of the Bishop’s Court, Bishop Thomas Wilson said they are in that community as a church to reach out to them at this time.

He recalled that during the Ebola era they did not visit that community but they thought it fit to reach the community first during this post Ebola period.


“Ebola has been eradicated but it has taught us many things and if we continue to do what it has taught us, it will prevent Ebola and other sickness in our community,”

Bishop Thomas Wilson went on to say that one main thing ebola taught them was to wash their hands regularly.

“If you observe our kids and even elderly people, they wash their hands regularly in about every ten minutes, so your hand is one things that connects you to negative things like germs. During the time we had Ebola we were washing our hands and that helped to eradicate sickness in the country.”

He pointed out that anything that happens to that community positively or negatively will affect Sierra Leone. That means this community is part and parcel of Sierra Leone.

“So let all of us do the correct thing so that sickness will vanish from our community forever. We know things are difficult and so as a Church the Bible tells us in Mark 25 that ‘When I was sick, when I was hungry, when I was naked, when I was thirsty’. He said when someone is in need you should go out and help that person, so we believe that as neighbors to this community this is the time God appoints to bring this small token to help and we help and pray that we will help this community more.”

He advised and reminded them that they are Africans and they have their different traditions but they have seen what some of their traditions did during Ebola.

“Those traditions prolonged Ebola. So we want to join the government to continue to advocate to the people of Sierra Leone. You won’t know that there is no place like home, that your country is your country, so all of us should work as a team to build Sierra Leone and live a healthy life. Let us think about things that will not bring sickness in our country or go back to Ebola days. I pray it won’t be our portion again in Jesus name.”

He encouraged them to use the items wisely for the intended purpose.

Jonathan Abioseh Thomas, the Coordinator of the Anglican Diocese said that they are happy to be in that community to support them in this post ebola era. Mr. Thomas explained that the donation came through the people of United States that has been helping the Church. He disclosed further that they have to do similar donations to all Anglican schools that are in the Diocese but  Mao Wharf is the first to benefit.  

Some of the items that were donated are: 40 gallons oil, onions, milk, palm oil, kit, buckets, Thermometer, Maggie, Garrie, tea bag, sugar among other things.

The Chairman of Mao Wharf community Patrick Ibrahim Sesay thanked the Bishop and team for visiting their community at that point. He described it as a surprise to the community as the people did not believe that such a visit will occur.  

According to the Chairman Bishop Thomas Wilson is the first Bishop to visit that community.  

The community asked the Bishop to assist them with other basic amenities such as employment, skill training for women, access to good roads, access to water and toilet facilities as a way of strengthening their relationship. He promised to use the items wisely.

“We pray that this relationship will not cut off, it will grow from strength to strength,” he ended.

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