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SLPP’s ‘Bullet’ Begins Dialogue Tour

06,Dec 2018
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By Prince C. Kamara

The National Chairman and Leader of the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) Dr. Prince Alex Harding aka Bullet on 4th December 2018 started a countrywide tour first with a meeting of constituency representatives in the east of Freetown.

The first of many such consultations that would end on 22nd January 2019 according to Dr. Harding, took place at the John James Complex, Jenner-Wright Road in the east of Freetown.


Speaking to a jam-packed hall, Dr. Harding admonished SLPP members to always endeavor to do the things that keep the party and its members united, while admonishing them to always work towards winning the 2023 elections. He informed the large gathering that the countrywide tour was sanctioned by President Bio and the SLPP Secretariat as a way of meeting and dialoguing with all zonal and district executives to identify any problem they might be facing as well as to give reports about the voting patterns in their respective constituencies during the last election so that the party will know where it went wrong and to strategize on ways of correcting whatever mistakes they might have made so as not to repeat them in the 2023 elections.

He maintained that all the deliberations and reports that would be collated would be handed over to President Bio and the SLPP National Secretariat for assimilation and action. He mentioned that what he and the SLPP Secretariat would be doing throughout the tour that would take them to all the constituencies and SLPP strongholds is to dialogue with the members in order to put the SLPP on sound footing to contest and win the 2023 general elections.

He however used the opportunity to caution the SLPP zonal and constituency executives not to take for granted their respective members because according to them all that members want in the SLPP is due recognition of their role and importance in the party. He maintained that till date the party is trying to ensure it provides jobs for its members especially for those who fought hard for the SLPP to regain power. He encouraged members to exercise patience and not take the law into their own hands or be angry at the party as the National Executive is doing everything humanly possible to ensure it provides employment for its members.

In an exclusive interview with AYV at the scene on Wednesday this week, Dr. Harding explained that he expects the outcome of the dialogue session to bring forward issues which affected the outcome of election results in some parts of the country designated as opposition strongholds but that at the end of the day they would be able to learn from these mistakes in order to ensure that come 2023 the strategies that would be used by the SLPP will result in the party winning exclusively in those areas tagged as opposition strongholds especially areas in the north of the country.

He further stated that it is easy to see that since the SLPP assumed power it has been distributing projects and development programmes evenly across the country and not only in areas believed to be SLPP strongholds.

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