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Free Education Coordinator Jets In

30,Aug 2018
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Amara S. M. Sowa, former principal of a private Christian institution, Every Nation College in Bo City has been appointed by His Excellency President Bio as the National Program Coordinator, a role that will provide strategic oversight for the Free, Quality Education Program with office at the Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education.

The new position of National Program Coordinator will advise the government and provide high quality program leadership, initiatives and management of strategic decisions which directly impact the operations and priorities in the business plan and overall strategic plan and objectives of the free quality education program.

As part of its mandate, the Program Coordinator will evaluate the free quality education policy and provide recommendations to the President to enhance the access, quality and accountability of the program.

Amara Sowa draws upon a distinguished background and career in education and government. He began his career in education as a Research and Teaching Assistant at Fourah Bay College (USL) and a secondary school teacher at the Albert Academy in Freetown.

Amara Sowa holds an Honours BA from Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone (USL), M.Sc. in Development Studies, Njala University and certificates in Town Government Management, Project Management and Inclusive Education. He is bilingual – English and French, and he has co-authored publications on Women, Peace and Security.

“Sierra Leone is changing rapidly, and I’m excited to take on this responsibility to work with the Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education, our partners and parents across this country to ensure that the free quality education program is at the forefront of this change,” said Amara Sowa on the day of his appointment.

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