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Friends of the Dead Clean Cemetery

13,Aug 2018
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By Mohamed Lamin Banya

Chairman, Friends of the Dead Mohamed Bangura

Following the rumor about the breaking open of graves by unscrupulous people in cemeteries around Freetown, the Friends of the Dead operating in the Grey Bush community have embarked on cleaning the Ascension Town Cemetery.

This is according to the Chairman, Friends of the Dead Mohamed Bangura.

He added that the initiative is geared towards catching people that open the graves at night, stating that there have been a lot of allegations leveled against them that they are the ones responsible for opening up the graves.

“We started the exercise on the first Saturday of August to complement President Bio’s cleaning initiative and we are going to do it every Saturday,” Bangura said adding that they want to clean the cemetery of every obstacle that thieves can use to hide behind.

Friends of the Dead, according to Bangura is an organization comprising youth that have lots of talents, noting that some of their members are tilers, carpenters and that some are even graduates.

“We are calling on the government and the Freetown City Council to give us support,” Bangura said. He added that they need tools to take care of the cemetery.

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