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2 More Babies Need Urgent Help

08,Aug 2018
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By Mohamed Lamin Banya

Shortly after the return of Baby Mustapha who went to India for Biliary Atresia surgery few weeks ago, two other babies, 9 months old Baby Marian and 13 weeks old Baby Mariama also needs urgent help from philanthropists in and out of the country for their medication abroad.

Baby Mariama is suffering from a complex brain condition and Marian, diagnosed with biliary Atresia causing her eyes to jaundice after her birth, needs financial assistance to undergo surgeries in India.

According to the Programs Manager Caritas Freetown Ishmael Alfred Charles, they come in contact with the parents of baby Marian and baby Mariama and noticed the two were suffering from serious medical condition.

Mr. Charles said Baby Marian is suffering from similar illness that baby Mustapha was going through before his surgery. He explained that Baby Mariana’s liver is partially damaged, as a result, she is left with no gallbladder. This he said has led to her deteriorating on her health condition and now losing of weight drastically.

“We have engaged the doctors from India for the surgery, for baby Mustapha we paid US$36,000” Charles said, adding; “the cost for Baby Marian’s surgery is $27,100 after the doctors from India has given them a discount of 20% from Baby Mustapha’s surgical fees.

Baby Mariama according to Charles is suffering from Encephalocele causing her brain to move out of her skull, resulting to her face being swollen.

“The cost for Baby Mariama’s surgery is US$10,000 in India” Charles concluded, emphasizing the need for both surgeries to be done urgently to save their lives.

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