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On reckless and lawless driving warnings; Leader of Parliament Dares President Bio

19,Jul 2018
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Honourable Tunis why challenging our president sir?

Leader of Parliament in Sierra Leone’s House of Parliament, Honourable Sidie Mohamed Tunis of Constituency 101 Pujehun district who doubles as Leader of Government Business SLPP and Chairman Appointment Committee was spotted on Pademba Road in Freetown openly challenging a State House warning signed by no less a person but the Fountain of Honour, His Excellency President Retired Brigadier Julius Maada Bio against reckless and lawless driving and violation of traffic rules and regulations (broke traffic) on streets across the country.

At a time when the president’s warning, strongly buttressed by another similar warning from the Sierra Leone Police signed by no less a person but the Inspector General of Police, Richard Moigbe was yet to properly rest on shelves, the leader of parliament defied the two important warning and lawlessly drove along Siaka Stevens Street ignoring traffic rules and regulations which the president and the police chief are strongly against.

It can be recalled that on Monday 16th July, 2018, State House issued a press statement strongly warning public officials for their flagrant violation of traffic rules. In the release, the president categorically urged the police to act immediately to arrest the growing menace.

The release said: “His Excellency the President has expressed grave concern over the disregard/disrespect for Traffic Rules and Regulations by vehicles and other motor-driven objects, including Government Registered Vehicles carrying Ministers and Public Officials.”

Also, just immediately, the Sierra Leone Police in a press release warned against government ministers and other public officials deliberately violating traffic or road safety rules and regulations as enshrined under Section 104 of the Road Traffic Act No.5 of 2007.

The president and police chief have noticed that this practice is not only contrary to Traffic Rules and Regulations, which are punishable by law, but also, it demoralizes disciplined and law-abiding users of the road, and has the potential to cause fatal accidents, particularly when they drive against recognized traffic.

“If the State House and Police warnings that with immediate effect all vehicles and motor-driven objects, including vehicles carrying ministers of government and public servants MUST adhere to Traffic Rules and Regulations and the one that any vehicle or motor-driven object that violates Traffic Rules and Regulations, particularly those that run against the traffic will face the full force of the law is anything serious to go by, the Leader of Parliament should be behind bars by now facing police interrogations.” Michael Bangura a senior citizen told this reporter last evening.

Many in Sierra Leone believe that the problem lies with the police who are failing to enforce the law.

“They are far too busy collecting bribes and looking the other way. Sierra Leone is lawless,” says one angry pedestrian in Freetown.

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