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Chinese Hospital to Offer Free Medication

18,Jul 2018
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The 20th Chinese Medical Team (CMT) working at the Jui hospital has declared one day free medical treatment this Friday at the Jui hospital.

Talking to the Team leader Dr Li, said they started working few days ago and that to introduce themselves to the people of Sierra Leone by conducting this free medical.

“We believe that the 19th batch that left few days ago had a successful one year treating the people of Sierra Leone. They were able to treat hundreds of thousands of people and they did free medical around the country. We too want to see how we can continue that success story by helping the sick people in the country.”

Dr Li said the 20th batch that is now working in the hospital is almost the same as the 19th batch and they are expecting to work in close collaboration with Dr Alex Kanu and his staff and they are hoping to strengthen the hospital with more medical equipment and personnel.

He said their first two weeks in the country has been interesting as they are found Sierra Leone a beautiful place with interesting people that love foreigners and ready to help them.

He said the staff of the Jui hospital are exemplary and they are ready to work with the 20th batch so that they will treat more people.

“W e here for one year and we believe that before our terms end next June we would have contributed so much in the health sector. I want to call on all those that are sick to take the opportunity by visiting Jui hospital this Friday to receive free treatment from us.

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