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Toll Road Boosts Salone Infrastructure

12,Jul 2018
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Aggrieved workers at the tollbooths in Hastings and the management of the Chinese company operating the tollgates all returned home smiling yesterday following a meeting that amicably resolved their indifferences.

In attendance at the meeting were the Deputy Director Sierra Leone Roads Authority (SLRA), Sidie Jawara, Labour Officer, Abdulai Conteh, Acting Labour Commissioner John Kallon, among other dignatiries.

The Labour Ministry scolded the aggrieved staff for failure to follow due procedures in making their grievances known while cautioning them to go by the dictates of the laws no matter how aggrieved they maybe.  

The Chinese company demonstrated high level of admirable leadership throughout the entire process.

The company has made a strong commitment to address valid concerns of the workers without compromising company policy and professionalism. 

The company, among other things, agreed on monthly salary payment on or before the 5th of every month; promotions to be accompanied by salary increment; team monitors to effectively liaise with teams to ensure smooth operations; printing of new clearly marked identification cards; Labour Ministry to work with managemnt in drafting of new staff contracts. The rights of staff to negotiate was also guaranteed.

However, the company roundly rejected the staff demand to be allowed to sleep on duty and for same salary scale across the board. It was agreed that probational staff receive probationary allowance while full time staff receive full salary accordingly. The company also undertake to pay staff only the much that the business can afford.  

Managemnt and staff of the company were so excited at the outcome of the meeting with a clear indication that the strike action only signifies a 'family disagreeing to agree' as put by a media analyst

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