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FCC to Launch Flood Mitigation Plan

12,Jun 2018
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By Mohamed Lamin Banya

Speaking to AYV the Mayor of Freetown, Yvonne Aki-Sawyer during her visit to the Kroo Bay community has said they are about to launch a flood mitigation plan for 35 communities across Freetown on Wednesday 13 June, 2018.

According to the Mayor they have been working with different partners as the rainy season is fast approaching and it is very important for them to clear the gutters, rivers and culverts that cause flooding when they are blocked with debris.

She disclosed that, tomorrow, Wednesday, the City Council, RSLAF, CRS, SLRA and other partners will be working on 35 different flood flash points across the city that have issues of blockage according to the survey.

“We chose 35 flash points from a World Bank and SLRA study and it is going to be over in fifteen days, starting from Wednesday,” she said.

She added that they will be speaking to the communities because they need to take ownership on the risk they are facing, noting that the way children are dying in slum communities is because of the garbage lodged in the community.

“This would be a regular conversation between members of City Council, councilors and community stakeholders to continuously remind people that garbage is killing them, and that is why they should dispose it in the right place and not into rivers, gutters and culverts,” Mayor Aki-Sawyer said.

The 35 flood flash points according to the Mayor are not only for slum communities but would be taken to hill top areas, and road junctions and intersections.

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