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SLPP Chairlady Plots against Teenage Pregnancy

18,May 2018
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By Prince C. Kamara

Chairlady for Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) Constituency 126, Mrs. Abibatu Koroma, has called on residents of this constituency to come together and fight teenage pregnancy and child trafficking and to also collaborate in making the community a healthier and safer place.

She was speaking exclusively to AYV on Wednesday 17th May, 2018 at her Ogoo Lane, Brookfields residence.

She went on to say that over the years the community has been suffering acute water shortage and this has led to an increase in the number of girls getting pregnant as a result of them having to fetch water from wells and other sources for domestic use at odd hours of the night; sometimes at long distances.

According to Chairlady Abibatu Koroma, she has been calling on the residents of Constituency 126 to collect their garbage in empty rice bags to make it easier for it to be collected for a small fee by youths engaged in garbage collection. She went on to say that the last National Cleaning Day was successful although there were a few unexpected challenges. She maintained however that she has already started plans to ensure that the next cleaning day will be much more successful and organized for maximum impact.

She used the opportunity to caution Constituency 126 residents living near the stream to be watchdogs and not allow their environment to be used any longer for dumping garbage, adding that this would be counter-productive following the successful cleaning of the stream and its environs during the last national cleaning exercise.

Speaking on the issue of children that are supposed to be in primary school but that are seen daily hawking various goods in markets and on street corners, Chairlady Abibatu Koroma said it is unfortunate that some people adopt or bring children from provincial areas on the pretext of admitting them into schools only for them to relegate the child or children to street trading and not allowing them to go to school. She called on the authorities to deal seriously with anyone caught in this ugly habit. She added that as a community they are totally against such behavior and have put in place modalities to track down and bring to book anyone caught in this ugly act.

Speaking on security within Constituency 126, Chairlady Abibatu Koroma thanked the police force for maintaining peace and safety in this area to the extent that, robberies and other crimes are on the decline. She however called on her community people not to relax but to give the necessary support to the police by coming forward to give intelligence and other useful information to promote security in this constituency and in the country as a whole.

She also used the opportunity to call on the people in her constituency to put politics behind them and come together to work towards President Maada Bio’s New Direction, adding that President Bio is president of the whole country and so therefore, each and every Sierra Leonean must put their shoulder to the wheel to take development forward across every nook and cranny in the country.

She maintained that plans have been initiated for the conduct of a more aggressive and far-reaching national cleaning exercise. She stated thankfully however, that since the last cleaning exercise, a marked decrease in mosquitoes and malaria has been detected and called on the people of her constituency not to relent in doing the right things for the good of the community and the country as a whole.

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