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CCSL Congratulates NEC for Job Well Done

16,Mar 2018
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By Marilyn King

Council of Churches Sierra Leone (CCSL) held a press conference on the conduct of the March 7 multi-tier elections for president, parliamentary and local council representatives respectively.

Bishop John Yambasu, President CCSL informed the press that his organization was accredited by National Electoral Commission (NEC) to observe the elections.

He said most polling stations had enough voting materials and that voting started on time, but claimed there were few documented exceptions hinging on communications and inadequate logistics, which, according to him, caused delay at some polling centers.

He pointed out however that there were no reports of breaches of security at the polling stations.

“The Sierra Leone Police were generally vigilant and on top of the situation,” Bishop Yambasu added.

He applauded the entire voting process as transparent, free and fair and that “NEC and the people of Sierra Leone should be congratulated for a successful polling exercise.”

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