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Indian Votes in Salone Elections

14,Mar 2018
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The only thing brighter than Mohinder Bir Singh Managing Director Jeety Trading company multicolored scarf was the smile on his face, as he was so much excited  after he casted his vote at Grassfield Lumley Polling Station on 7th March 2018.

According to Mohinder Bir Singh it was a moment that was particularly special to him as an India born citizen who gained Sierra Leone Citizenship through naturalization.

“I think I wanted to cry,” Mohinder Bir Singh said. “I was just overwhelmed.”

Mohinder Bir Singh commonly known as Jetty is the only Indian who naturalized as citizen voted on that faithful day in the Western Area Urban. He is a big business entrepreneur in the country and employed over 500 Sierra Leoneans, also sponsored more than 200 students on scholarship, he is presently embarking on schools and other developmental projects in the country.

Mohinder Bir Singh expressed his gratitude to exercise his right to vote in Sierra Leone and called on all Sierra Leoneans to keep the peace and accept the outcome of the results to be announced by the National Electoral Commission the only body that has right to give the final results of the election.

He assured Sierra Leoneans that he will continue to contribute to the development of this country and called on the business community to continue to give their unflinching support to whoever becomes the President of the country.  He described the election process as free, fair of any intimidation and commended the people for voting peaceful.

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