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Coalition for Change Debunks SLPP Claims

01,Mar 2018
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Coalition for Change (C4C) and its leader Alhaji Sam Sumana has in a press release issued yesterday 28th February, 2018 reacted to rumours that they have joined the umbrella of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) ahead of the elections of March 7.

The release states further that: “We want to state in unequivocal terms that there is no scintilla of truth whatsoever in what is being bandied around. As to the motives of the purveyors of such unsubstantiated rumours, we cannot tell but appeal to them to do what is professional, needful and responsible: Approach the official structures of the Coalition for Change party for any enquiries, clarifications, requests and working relationships.

Our leader is currently in Bombali to address a lecture on the development matrix for Sierra Leone and he would proceed after that to other provinces to canvass for votes. We are cocksure that the good people of Sierra Leone will on March 7 speak thunderously in their voting pattern to give Alhaji Sam-Sumana and the C4C the chance to change the current dangerous trajectory our country is sliding on.

Our economy is in a free fall: inflation hovering around 18 per cent, national debt hitting $2billion, only 13 per cent of our population have access to electricity, good drinking water a mirage to our people, no adequate job opportunities and an increasing maternal mortality rate.

The primary preoccupation of Alhaji Sam Sumana and the Coalition for Change is to see all of us coming together to effect change on March 7 in order to build a better Sierra Leone where equal opportunities will be available for everybody without regard to race, tribe, social status, religion or creed.

Our beloved country has suffered under the hands of the All Peoples Congress and the SLPP for far too long and the time to have a paradigm shift is now. We must not continue to be divided along Red and Blue colourations.

The only credible vehicle right now to carry us all in the vision of NATION FIRST is the Coalition for Change. We therefore welcome all Sierra Leoneans into the C4C to be part of the upcoming historical moment where CHANGE will be effected.

We urge all our supporters and volunteers across the country to continue their relentless and spirited door-to-door approach in driving home the agenda for change and the game-changing policy initiatives of Alhaji Sam Sumana.”

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