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Kenema Mayor Pleas for Cash

26,Nov 2015
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During a parliamentary sitting on Tuesday, the Mayor of the Kenema City Council, Joseph Samba Kelfala, appealed to Members of Parliament (MPs) to release the first quarter of the 2015 budget due to his council; which has still not been made available to them midway into the fiscal year.



By AYV Parliamentary reporter, Mariama Mansaray


Apologizing to the MPs, Mayor Kelfala said that the refusal of Parliament to release the budget would directly affect the much-needed development in the city and by extension; the Agenda for Prosperity.
He said there are actually other sources including taxes, where his Council will generate revenue to address many areas; but that the funds from the budget are utilized on special projects, including the monitoring of government ministries, departments and agencies.

Mayor Kelfala pleaded with MPs to back down and release the much needed funds for the development of Kenema City. He said that holding on to the Kenema City Council budget is interpreted as depriving the people of Kenema of their livelihood and development; which he noted contradicts the development aspirations of the Government.

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