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Protect trains Ebola front line workers

22,Aug 2017
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By Idrissa Conteh

Protect Sierra Leone has trained and certified more than thirty-five former Ebola front line workers in various  technical and vocational courses in a bid to foster a sustainable livelihood.

Director, Protect Sierra Leone Andrew Kondoh said these former Ebola front line workers were among those that volunteered to be among the burial team when people were scared of the epidemic as a result of it high-level of contagious.

Andrew Kondoh added “when the government was in quest of people to join the burial team, there were few of us that volunteered, and at that time people flew out of the country in fear. It was you guys that volunteered to sacrifice for the country and some of you were even chased out of your houses.”

He maintained that, the former Ebola front line workers sacrificed themselves to serve and save the nation, owing to that many lost their lives in the process as a result of numerous infections, adding that the deaths of some of the volunteers were unnoticed but Protect Sierra Leone abreast with it.

He continued that that, they were expecting the government to have offered training for the front line volunteers for their sacrificed during the Ebola outbreak to sustain themselves and their families.

“after the Ebola outbreak, Rtd. Major Palo Conteh who has been overseeing our work, vividly informed us that Ebola is no more and Government has no plan for front line workers, so everyone should go home” he emphasized.

Project Coordinator, Protect Sierra Leone Patrick Bassie stated that Protect Sierra Leone happened to partner with other organizations in a bid to contribute in achieving the sustainable development goals, he called on the volunteers to make good use of the skills they have acquired to developing a better society.

Administrative Officer, Protect Sierra Leone Emmanuel Sellu said they would continue to monitor the beneficiaries in order to ensure they utilized their skills, adding that it would a means of livelihood for those that have gone through the training. He furthered that with the knowledge they have acquired they would be self employed.

Protect Sierra Leone through the support from different donor partners were able to provide start up kit for those that graduated from the tailoring department.

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