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Youth Commission supports mud slide survivors

22,Aug 2017
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By Idrissa Conteh

National youth commission in partnership with Peace Africa Alliance has provided food items worth over thirty million leones for mudslide survivors at regent through the established emergency response authority.

Commissioner, National Youth Commission Anthony Koroma said the gesture was a way of patronizing with the government, adding that it has been a difficult moment for the country- in experiencing such a catastrophic mudslide and flood flash.

Anthony Koroma added his commission would be readily available to compliment the deeds of government whenever they are needed to salvage situations of the numerous survivors.

Africa Regional Director, Peace Africa Alliance Consulting Educating and Training, Charles Lahai called on Sierra Leoneans to be resilience and steadfast in going through this trials and tribulations. He mentioned that country together with citizens to work hand in gloves to remedy the current devastating status of the country.

Deputy Minister of Health and Sanitation II applauded the Commission and Peace Africa Alliance Consulting Educating and training for the gesture, and pray for the country not to be struck again by such disaster. She added the mudslide was a step backward when the country was set move forward, having recovered from the Ebola and the 2015 flooding.

She admonished the people to adhere to the land policy of Sierra Leone in a bid to avert such disaster in the future.  She furthered that people should move from disaster prone areas in order to avoid the reoccurrence of such calamitous disaster.

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