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Eyes on relief monies

21,Aug 2017
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 Mohamed Kai

The African Young Voices has learnt that following the flood flash and mudslide disaster that killed hundreds of Sierra Leoneans, the relevant authorities have reportedly collected over ten million united state dollars from donors and sympathizers.

At the moment report states that the government has received from Chinese Government $1,000,000,

Togolese President Faure Gnassingbe $500,000, Guinean President Alpha Conde $100,000, ECOWAS delegation $300,000, Mercury International $55,000 NP $53,000, Africell $67,000 EU delegation (various humanitarian organizations) $336,000, Ecobank $ 200,000 UK $6,443,000 (5 million pounds through humanitarian organizations) among others monies that are still coming, in the name of relief fund for survivors of the week ago mudslide and flood flash.

The huge quantum of money in question is said to have been collected by the government of Sierra Leone, through the highest offices of the President and the Vice President for the formation of a vibrant policies and programmes that would address current smoldering issues affecting the victims of Monday 14 August 2017, mudslide and flood flash in Freetown and its immediate environs.

As a result of the nationwide tragedy in Sierra Leone that claimed the lives of over 300 Sierra Leoneans, various public and private institutions, indigenes and non indigenes including member states within the West African sub region and beyond continue to pour in cash donations and huge relief items for victims of the recent nationwide tragedy that left hundreds of Sierra Leoneans homeless and downtrodden.

It is no gainsaying that the People’s Republic of China donated One Million United States dollars including the Chinese community in the country, the president of republic of Guinea, Togo Liberia, the Lebanese community ,various philanthropists and  humanitarian agencies in and outside Sierra Leone.

Many Sierra Leoneans this press contacted expressed fear and disapproval of the coordinators of the mudslide and flooding, in terms of ensuring that food and non food items donated reach the targeted beneficiaries.

They however expressed bitterness over the way and manner in which coordinators heartlessly treated victims of the September 15, 2016 flooding  that left hundreds of slum dwellers homeless including people residing on the mountains overlooking Freetown capital.

Up to press time, victims of the mudslide stationed at regent and elsewhere complained to AYV that they were yet to receive the items donated, presently in custody of the coordinators and government officials of the said disaster management system.

Some of the victims disclosed that they have realized a single cent, food and other items the coordinators had received on their behalf.

They pleaded with government and coordinators in charge to tamper justice with mercy, as the nationwide tragedy was not their wish and further clamoured for the relevant authorities of the mudslide and flooding victims to peacefully hand over various relief items they received on their behalf in name of transparency and accountability.

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