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Family of Idrissa Wurie demands explanation for his disappearance

07,Apr 2015
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By Mohamed Kamara

The Family of 19 year old missing Idrissa Wurie is still in limbo as to the whereabout of their son since he went missing in 2015. His disappearance happened immediately he was ask to replace his late father as leader of the Poro society.  

It could be recalled that the Father of Idtissa Wurie, Pa Abass Wurie was the soul custodian of the traditional Poro society in Sanda Lol in the Port Loko District North of Sierra Leone.

Pa Wurie was responsible to initiate young men into the society, he was so powerful that people referred to him as the 'wind' who disappear and appears when ever his name was mentioned. He was known by many for his skills in healing people affected with traditional illnesses and had healed so many people who traveled from far and wide to seek healing.

But Pa Wurie was unable to survive Ebola after he was reported to have attempted to cure one of his members who was affected with the virus.

 Since his Death in 2015 the chiefs and leaders of the society asked his family to present Pa Wurie's eldest son Idrissa Wurie to succeed his father into the society.

But  the family informed that Idrissa Wurie declined to join and take over his father's position in the poro society due to his Christian faith. This has cause serious challenges for the Wurie family in Sanda Lol as the traditional authorities issued out a one week ultimatum for Idrissa Wurie to show himself at the sacred shrine for cleansing and initiation.

Explaining to this medium, the Uncle of Idrissa Wurie, Amadu Wurie revealed that the sudden disappearance of their niece has cause serious impact to the family leading to the death of Idrissa's mother Adama Wurie who died the same year Idrissa went missing due to pressure from the society members and the disappearance of her only son.

Amadu continue to explain that their family is still under pressure as he had to traveled out of the country in order to avoid being harmed by members of the society.

The disappearance of Idrissa Wurie cause the leaders of the society to point fingers on the Wurie family for being responsible for his disappearance. 

According to close source at the village the society had been place on hold until they find and locate Idrissa Wurie who have to undergo some ceremonies at the shrine.

It was also revealed that members of the society have been asked to go in search of Idrissa in the city and other provincial villages.

To date Idrissa have not been found and there are allegations stating that the society was responsible for the death of Idrissa Wurie's two cousin's and aunt disappearance.

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