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King jimmy residents cry for help

29,Jun 2017
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By Hawa Dauda

Residents of King Jimmy market along the coastal line in Freetown have raised profound concern over the augmentation of unlawful behavior of youth living in that part of the country.

According to various residents reached by AYV, the use of narcotics and other dangerous drugs like Tramadol happened to be a daily supplement for almost all youths residing at the King Jimmy market stalls. 

Recent research had proven that the drug was made to moderate severe body pain, including side effect mostly suffered by people involved in cumbersome accidents.

The Vice Chairperson of the King Jimmy Market Association, Alhassan Mansaray confirmed that he had seen youths within their community engaged in the used of dangerous narcotics, and at the same time causing havoc and unrest in the market.

 He mentioned that whenever the youths used the drug they become wayward and lawless, and sometimes the community people had to seek solace through police intervention.

Alhassan Mansaray call on government to censor and control the  importation of Tramadol into the country, as it destroys the future of the country’s young people who are the future of the future generation.

Some Youths within the King Jimmy community who this press spoke to confirmed that they were involved in drug related activities, and whenever they were under the influence of Tramadol and other dangerous narcotics, they felt very weak, became stubborn and extremely violent.

Resident of the above named community also confirmed that whenever the youths were on drug, they turn out to be aggressive, lawless and insolent, and at the same time engaged in street fighting, the use of abusive language, stealing and other anti social activities, like stabbing always occurred.

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