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NPD scribe jailed for sedition

15,Jun 2017
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By Mohamed Kai

The co-founder of the National Progressive Democratic, Jesmed Foday Mami Suma has been relocated to the Male Correctional Centre on Pademba road in Freetown, by Magistrate Dr. Abubakar Binneh Kamara of court N0.1 in Freetown.

Accused Jesmed Foday Mami Suma was charged to court for the offences of sedition , contrary to Section (33) Sub Section (1b) of the public order act, N046 of 1965, and disorderly behaviour, also negating Section (12) of the public order act N046 of 1965, as amended by Section (15) of act N0 of 1973 of the country’s laws.

Police alleged that the accused, on 23 March 2017 at the precinct of the historic Cotton Tree, in the centre part of Freetown capital, did utter seditious statements and behaved in a disorderly manner, thereby violating the public order act.

When the accused was rearranged in the dock, his legal representative, Francis Ben Kaifala applied for the accused to be discharged of the offence of sedition, but that Ahmed G M Bockarie who represented the state argued that the police had the right to preferred the charge of sedition against the accused and to further prosecute him in a court of law.

Ahmed Bockarie stated that he begged to differ from the application of lawyer Francis Ben Kaifala to have the charge hinging on sedition, dropped against his client, and also submitted to the bench to discountenanced the application of counsel representing the accused person.

However, Magistrate Dr. Abubakar Binneh Kamara promised to deliver ruling on the applications of both counsels for the accused person and the state on the next adjourned date.

He noted that he had nothing against the accused person, and if he is guilty of the offences charged, he would convict and sentenced him, but that if the accused person was not found culpable of the offences charged,  he would definitely discharged him for want of prosecution. 

But before this developments the accused, Jesmed Foday Mami Suma apologized to the court for his action that landed him to court, and further told his audience that he was frustrated over the way and manner the court was handling his matter.

At this stage of proceedings, Magistrate, Dr. Abubakar Binneh Kamara ordered that the accused be remanded at the Male Correctional Centre on Pademba road in the west part of the Freetown capital, and would not revisit his bail conditions.

Hearing continues.

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