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John Bonoh Sisay the winning dice for APC

06,Jun 2017
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Fact! Gains of President Ernest Bai Koroma cannot be forgotten in a hurry. His persona as an individual will be missed.

However, it is apparent that based on a broad spectrum of observation from people aspiring, one can only say in bold that John Bonoh Sisay, is the only winning dice that will not reverse the gains being made by our beloved President.

With his profusion achievements as a private businessman, not a soul in the opposition political parties could contend that.

Being Chief Executive Officer of a multinational company, Sierra Rutile, JBS was able to touch the social, political and economic lives of people from all works of life, including others from the political divide.

JBS remains the only candidate whom hadn't been able to be punched by his opponent. Given the reality that you have nothing to say about him, people are tying his relationship with the President as a disadvantage.

Save constitutional provision which has no clause that bar someone from succeeding your siblings,  it is also a potent argument that at this material time, with the level President Koroma has taken the country, it is a holy responsibility we have to elect someone with local and international panache, to succeed him.

The above description fits John Bonoh Sisay.

The world is moving like the clock tick, technology, social media among other evolvement requires new dynamic.

Young, vibrant and energetic successful leaders in this era of digitalisation is what we need. We all owe this country. Africa is not static. The decision for choice is the untainted one. © Party Pikin

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