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Alpha Kanu ends 3 day visit to waterloo, Koinadugu and Tonkolili districts

01,Jun 2017
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By Issa Mansaray

One of the most popular candidates to contest for the All People’s Congress Party come 2018 presidential elections Dr. Alpha Kanu has ended a three day working visit to familiarize his candidacy to the people waterloo rural district, Koinadugu and Tonkolili district respectively.

In waterloo rural district, Dr. Alpha Kanu-De Apprentice was received with hundreds of supporters from the host Basa-town community, kissy-town, Newton, and other stakeholders within the waterloo community.

Dr. Alpha Kanu was invited by Institute of Business Administration and Technology IBATECH-Sierra Leone in collaboration with friends of Alpha Kanu.
One of the stakeholders from Tombo community Mohamed Kanu said Dr. Alpha Kanu the apprentice is one of the best candidates for the All People congress party if chosen by president Koroma.

He noted that Dr. Alpha kanu has work greatly for President Ernest Bai Koroma and the APC party.

On behalf of the people of tombo they are appealing to president Koroma to consider Dr. Alpha Kanu to succeed him.

Head man Basa-town community Abdul karim Kargbo said they are very much happy to welcome Dr. .Alpha Kanu to visit there community and appealed on behalf of his colleagues to the Apprentice that if he succeeded as president of this country to improve their community with water facility, light and among others. 

In kabala, Koinadugu district the Dr. Alpha Kanu met with host of paramount chiefs to familiarize himself with them and the purpose of his visit.

Welcoming Dr. Alpha Kanu by the chiefs in Koinadugu district P/C Lahai Mansaray of sunkunia present a cola of appreciation to the apprentice and team from Freetown.

According to Chief Lahai Mansaray on behalf of colleagues paramount chiefs said they are very much happy with the visit of  Dr. Alpha Kanu which shows sign of respect as custodian of their people and clearly manifest that they are not left out when it comesto politics reiterating that they represent the people and the government.  He said the people of kabala wants development that they are praying for the best candidates that will succeed president Koroma to continue with his agenda for development. He noted that they are ready to work with any candidates that come to their district as long that person ready to bring development for their people.

In his key not addressing Dr. Alpha Kanu informed the chiefs that he has so much respect for them and that they cannot succeed with their political activity without their support. He said his visit is to familiarize himself with them as he is one of the potential candidates to contest for 2018 president elections. Dr. Alpha thanked the paramount chiefs and the people of kabala for such a great welcome and his encouraged.

He informed the chiefs that he needs their support at all time and he is ready to work with them whenever they need his support. He said he wanted to continue with president Koroma agenda for development and need the support of the Koinadugu people adding that he has contributed greatly for the success of the APC party.

In Magburaka, Tonkolili district the apprentice was welcome by hundreds of supporters within the township of Magburaka.

The chairman P. A. k Thorley when addressing hundreds of supporters at Magburaka council town hall said the visit by Dr. Alpha Kanu marks a mile stone in the political history of Tonkolili adding that is a big blessing for the people to welcome the apprentice inn their district.

Mr. Thorley noted that said the apprentice is one of the best to succeed president Koroma because has serve the president diligently and known they problem of this country for him to continue with the infrastructural development of the country.

Chairman Disable association Tonkolili district Mohamed Conteh disclosed to the apprentice they are fully in support of the apprentice adding that they consist of 1500 across the country but they are still face with lot of challenges and they are hoping to see the apprentice succeed president Koroma after the 2018 presidential election.

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