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APC Sport Minister attacks AYV DJ Base

02,May 2017
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By Marius Musa Kargbo

Report reaching AYV Newspaper indicates that the Minister of Sport, Ahmed Khanou rained down unprinted words and almost assault one of AYV finest journalists, Mamajah Jalloh better known as Dr. DJ Base.

DJ Base is popularly known for his fearless, radical and objective journalism throughout the country and beyond.

In a telephone interview with DJ Base, he stated that throughout the previous Salone Got Talent contest there were major constraints, particularly in the aspect of the instability of electricity supply, a situation he said that prompted him to question the credibility and fairness of the Siaka Steven Stadium Management in front  of the well attended contest.

“All what I did is justice to my fellow Sierra Leoneans, I am known for my conscious vibes and this time is awareness age, what I was talking about is nothing but the absolute truth and fact, how can a country develop without electricity and the electricity supply on the 29 April Salone Got Talent contest was really appalling at the stadium, as thousands of Sierra Leoneans were at the stadium to enjoy the contest, I just have to inform them about the current situation” DJ Base ascertained.

DJ Base added that as Chairman for the Salone Got Talent Committee, he aware that they paid for the stadium services before the Sierra Leone Chamber of Commerce, rationing the electricity supply against their will was wrong and uncivilized. Dr. Base mentioned.  

Sourcing the angle of the Minister of Sport, Ahmed Khanou was honest to confirm that they actually exchanged insulting unprintable words, owing to the fact that DJ Base did not behave as a patriotic Sierra Leoneans.

“First of all DJ Base was not at the stadium as a journalist, I don’t know his relationship with Salone Got Talent, but he was there as Salone Got Talent member, a patriot will do everything to protect peace and stability in his/her country. Unfortunately, the utterance of DJ Base in connection with electricity supply instability was unfortunate and inciting, we are currently running the stadium together with Sierra Leone Chamber of Commerce as the exhibition is ongoing, and what if the spectators would have resulted into violence, vandalize and carted away with valuable items at the exhibition”

The minister further explained that he was expecting DJ Base to act as his brother as they grew up in the same Wilberforce Barracks community, in order to salvage national situation.

He stated that the stadium is currently on massive renovation and that he only granted a date to Salone Got Talent in good faith.

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