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District calls for electricity

19,Apr 2017
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By Idrissa Conteh

Youths engaged in ‘tele’-center business at Kabala town, in Koinadugu District have expressed dissatisfaction over the lack of electricity supply in the district, as the survival of their business mainly depend on electricity supply amenity.

Koinadugu District had been considered by most people as one of the largest districts in the country, however, the district currently being deprived of electricity supply amenity.

Most school leavers in the district currently engaged in the business of mobile charging and running of tele centers, an employment or livelihood they have created for themselves.

A tele center owner Abubakar Kamara stated “the electricity supply has been our challenge in running a charging center when you compared what we spend in a week is what people in the district like Bombali are spending for a month for government prepaid charges.”

Abubakar furthered that an unfavorable amount had been spent on maintenance as they usually service their generators for effective and efficiency delivery of services, that situation he said minimized the profitability of their business, as a result of the this he made a plea to the government in order for the appropriate authorities to consider installing electricity facilities, in Kabala Town.

Ibrahim Sillah also confirmed that since he was born in Kabala he had never witnessed electricity supply in Kabala Town from government, adding that the solar light had been for those who could afford it and also for those in authorities.

He reiterated that they are paying to generator owners fifteen thousand Leones per day for the running of their charging center and that it what they are doing to raise money to fund their academic pursuit, he ascertained.

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