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Is NEC starving the Western Area for three consecutive weeks?

10,Apr 2017
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By David Y Worry

In the 2012 General Elections APC bagged 60 (53 %) Parliamentary seats accounting for the North-West only and none for the opposition plus 10 (8’%) seats from the South East. Also, in 2012, the North - West Regions alone accounted for 59’/, of valid votes cast.

Is NEC starving the Western Area? That is the big question from independent critical minds but remains the unasked question by our many so-called consortium of election watchers and observers. To the critical minds, it is viewed as a deliberate ploy by either the Commissioner Western Area or NEC or both to have deprived the Western Urban from bringing out its usual natural mouth-watering registration figures which they know have almost always remain pro- APC.

Yes! Knowing fully well that our people can easily give up waiting for too long at the registration centres; NEC unscrupulously though supplied a very limited number of registration kits to the Western Area and our Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) kept sealed lips over it until when NEC could no longer uphold the pressure that they have lately decided to add about 63 more machines after three painstaking weeks by our people to register.

To justify my assertion I had carefully searched the NEC official website in order to create a succinct comparative analysis between the 2012 Final Centres Movement Plan and the 2017 List of Registration Centres. Again NEC has discreetly delinked that data from their website.

To support my proposition see Registration Data 2012 for the South - East and North - West and the ongoing 2017 registration exercise.

East 560,123 = 20’/,
South 536,866 = 20 ’/,
North 921,057 = 34’/,
W/R 164,403 = 6’/,
W/U 509,186 = 19’/,

The above data indicate that voter strength in Western Area Urban alone was as equal to the East and the South respectively with a meagre 1’/, difference for each. On account of the 2012 registration process, centres and figures NEC has suspended the data from their website to inhibit ease of reference.

*2017 NEC Provisional Daily Registration Update* (Random Sampling) March 20 - April 6 see below:

East 441,818 = 22’/,
South 416,273 = 21’/,
North 687,402 = 34’/,
W/R 133,566 = 6’/,
W/U 299,045 = 15’/,

Logically, the registration kits are inbuilt to capture data on an equal population proportion. But see the Centres NEC created and the kits deployed per region:

E 787 Centres/Kits=23’/,
S 871 Centres/Kits=26’/,
N 1307 Centres/ Kits=39’/,
W/R 129 Centres/Kits= 4’/,
W/U 256 Centres/Kits= 7’/,

As it stands, tell me if it isn’t a deliberate ploy by NEC to starve and stifle the Western Area with a paltry 385 Centres/Kits but capacitated to have accounted for *432,611*; and the South and East with 787 and 871 Centres/Kits conversely accounted for *416,273 and 441,818* respectively. Carefully read the difference.

Owing to the existing population data and years of strategic planning by NEC, is this not conspiracy to rig the Registration for the opposition? Senior Comrades in the APC, let’s pay attention, watch NEC out because the so-called election watchers are pretending to watch, but not watching!

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