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Tough judgment awaits accused

31,Mar 2017
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By Mohamed Kai

High Court of Sierra Leone, Justice Ernest Gooding on Wednesday 29 March 2017, robustly signaled two accused persons standing trial for allegedly robbing a suckling mother, Maseray Conteh of her household valuables in Freetown.

Reminding the accused, Sulaiman Mansaray and Maligie Bangura of the evidence so far  adduced by the court, since the commencement of the trial process, justice Ernest  Gooding stated that the complainant, Maseray Conteh had led very strong and convincing evidence against both accused.

He told the court that both accused persons forcefully broke in the residence of the complainant, and threatened to kill her three months old baby, if she refused to give them money they were demanded for, before carting away with her household properties.

The trial judge further informed his audience that the accused persons were charged with the offences of conspiracy and robbery and the maximum penalty for the offence of robbery, was life imprisonment.

Justice Gooding noted that he deliberately refused to admit the accused persons on bail, due to the gravity of offence allegedly committed, and that he would not allowed both of the accused to parade the streets of Freetown, disturbing the peace of   peace loving Sierra Leoneans.

He  pointed out that as senior judge in the High Court of Sierra Leone, he was charged with the responsibility of protecting the lives of citizens of this country, while stressing that if the accused persons were found culpable of the offences charged, he would sentenced both of them to a long term imprisonment.

The matter will come up again on 5 April 2017.

He also reminded the other two accused persons, Saidu Dumbuya and Abubakar Barrie who were also charged with similar offences, and their indictment indicated that both accused also robbed a motorbike rider, Saidu Sulaiman Dumbuya of five million, six hundred and fifty thousand leones, his motor bike within the Freetown judicial district, in the Republic of Sierra Leone, on 10 November 2014, at Old Wharf in the east part of Freetown.

He concluded by advising  the accused persons to explore all avenues humanly possible, in ensuring that their Lawyer was present in court on the next adjourned date, to cross examine the complainant, otherwise he would proceed with the trail process, by allowing the accused to cross examine the Complainant,  and eventual determined their case.

The matter was adjourned 5 April 2017.

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