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Women’s empowerment stride

16,Mar 2017
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By Idrissa Conteh

Child Fund Sierra Leone has officially launched the ‘Girls and Young Mothers Urban Livelihood Project’ in Freetown, at the Sea View community Hill Station. The project geared towards empowering young girls to be self-reliant.

National Director, Child Fund James Pimundu stated that the challenges of youth unemployment happened to be a problem not limited to Sierra Leone, but globally.

He said the child fund intervention was a way of complimenting the effort of the government in addressing the issues of youth unemployment.

“Why are we here today? Child fund is a child protection organization and we are looking at one paramount component which is the youth sector and back at my home country 50% of the population are youth and the same goes to Sierra Leone and elsewhere.” James Pimundu mentioned.

He stated that they regularly implemented their community development project in the provinces, whereas several challenges are also in the urban area and Sea View community happened to be one of the communities faced with youth unemployment challenges.

Child Fund Project Manager, Mannah Josiah said the target beneficiary of the project are utterly women and young girls, owing to the fact that the project tends to empower and best fit them into the society. Josiah pointed out that girls are vulnerable in the society, especially when they did not acquired formal education, he ascertained.

Mannah Josiah encouraged the community dwellers to contribute meaningfully, in the project implementation phase, as he mentioned that the Child Fund would be chosen one hundred girls to inaugurate the project and that the selection process would be done in thorough consultation between Child Fund and Sea View community.

Child Fund Programs Director, Mustapha Kebbeh highlighted the significance of the training and how it could be a supporting factor in preparing youth for a better future in the society, as he pleaded with youth present at the occasion, to utilize the training wisely for their personal beneficial purposes.

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