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S4CCC-SL engages Pamronko Community on the relevance of wetlands

09,Feb 2017
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By Abass Fornah

The Society 4 Climate Change Communication Sierra Leone (S4CCC-SL),has on Thursday 2nd February 2017 (World Wetlands Day) engaged some members of the Pamronko Community including the youths in east end of Freetown on the need  to protect, and restore wetlands and their catchments.

Speaking at the event, the Executive Director of S4CCC-SL, Alfred Fornah explained the relevance of wetlands and Mangroves. He encouraged community dwellers at Pamronko Community to adopt conservation measures on their land.He noted that the youthscan be effective communicators of conservation to other audiences in the community;thereby serving as important ambassadors for conservation.

S4CCC-SL’s Director of Communication, Vidal Sesay called on the Youths to serve as guards in protecting the cutting of mangroves in the community. ‘’ mangrovesare not only important but crucial for the coastal areas. Since estuarine areas are highly populated areas, the slightest ecological imbalance will take a heavy toll’’ Said Mr. Sesay. He furthered thatMangrove forests and estuaries are the breeding and nursery grounds for a number of marine organisms including the commercially important shrimp, crab and fish species.

The Admin and Finance Officer of S4CCCSL, Bai Fofanah pointed out that the loss of mangroves not only affects them indirectly but there are direct economic repercussions through loss of fishing industry in Sierra Leone. Mr Fofanah said: “Mangroveprovide a safe haven for juvenile fish, shrimp and crab located on the country’s coastline. Mangroves therefore contribute significantly to Sierra Leone fishing industry and provide us with our fish resource’’.

John Paul Koroma who is a youth leader in the community pledged his commitment in order to protect mangroves and also ensure to keep the community clean; through by organizing community clean up events.


S4CCC-SL  is a youth led organization and  it was established in November 2016 as a local non-governmental Organization working towards achieving climate change adaptation through effective communication across all communities and Chiefdoms in Sierra Leone. S4CCC-SL was founded in reaction to the negative impacts observed on the welfare of millions of Sierra Leoneans. Flooding during the raining season, off season rains and dry spells have sent growing seasons out of orbit in a country dependent on a rain-fed agriculture.

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