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At Kamaraa Chiefdom… Minerals in Exchange for Bridge

26,Jan 2017
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By Idrissa Conteh

The Paramount Chief of Kamaraa Chiefdom in the Kono District has exchanged the chiefdoms’ mineral with a local construction company for the construction of the bridge linking other villages in the chiefdom.

Chief Melvin Aiah Ngakia said the bridge was in deplorable conditions, that is why he decided in consultation with the people of his chiefdom to reconstruct that bridge as it was becoming death trap and that people were no longer using it in fear of their life. He stated that the local construction company decided to construct it in exchange of the entire minerals under the bridge and that it a good trade as it will promote development in the chiefdom.

Chief Melvin maintained that the bridge has been out of use for a long period owing to that cars and bikes have not been able to access it because of it deplorable condition. The chief submitted that because of the deplorable status of the bridge had cost the life of someone in his chiefdom, adding that it will be very difficult for the central government to initiate a bridge construction project as a result of the fact that government mainly focus on the main high way.

He lamented “that bridge has been in a very appalling state and both the central government and council have been contacted on that issue but nothing has been done and this company made us an offer that is why we decided to accept in the interest of the Chiefdom.”

Constituency chairman, Tamba Sangbar said they were consulted by the chief on that decision and that they supported him, he noted that the bridge will link towns and villages, therefore boost trade in their region. A situation he said is the vital need of the community at the moment and the bridge will be beneficial to all sundry in the community.

Sangbar explained that the bridge was constructed during the colonial era and it was no longer good for use. As a result of this, when the chief informed them of a local construction company that want to construct the bridge in exchange for the minerals, become a welcome idea.

An indigene of the Kamaraa chiefdom, Sheku Aiah Joseph applauded the chief for such developmental initiative stating that the bridge had been a death trap for the people. He added that the most important thing currently is to ensure the timely and quality bridge being constructed.

Joseph further stated that “people have been considering the contract as an exploitation of the chiefdom resources, but I have witnessed it myself and the agreement is in place I support the paramount Chief one hundred percent.”

Aiah Joseph continued to say that people have been misunderstanding the project and that the people need to understand that what the paramount chief did was in the interest of the Chiefdom development.

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