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Le 100 Million at stake... Mercury Int. unique Christmas & New Year bonanza starts today

22,Dec 2016
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By: Sahr Morris Jr. (Intern)

With Le 100 Million at stake for today's Jackpot draw, Mercury International start-up a new  innovative and unique Christmas and New Year bonanza for its customers of the 4/50 Jackpot Lottery game.

The latest lunch of Christmas and New Year bonanza will give Sierra Leoneans and the company's customers a golden opportunity to win Millions of Leones in a hidden treasure.

According to company's Deputy Public Relations Officer, Mohamed L. Bah, the Christmas and New Year bonanza is a two weeks long promotion in which customers of the 4/50 Jackpot game will stand a chance to win surprise gifts on specify dates.

He said: “As we are already in the in the festive season, the company decided to offer this innovative windfall in which customers will have the opportunity to not only scoop the Jackpot price of the day but an additional prize on offer.”

The Deputy Public Relations Officer further revealed that starting from December 21 2016, 4/50 Jackpot customers stand a chance to win more millions of Leones . The other days in which the bonanza is on offer include; 23rd December, December 26, 28th December, December 30 and the 2nd January 2017 which he said is the final date for the offer. 

“What we decided to do is to make the prices hidden on these specific days and until a day before the draw is made so that customers will win not only the cash price available for the draw, but also the bonanza price of the particular date,” Bah said.

He also revealed that there will be no tax deduction of  National Revenue Authority (NRA) on the extra bonanza for the day as the company will foot the tax bill. 

This is not the first time Mercury International is offering an extra bonanza to the 4/50 Jackpot game as, in November this year, the company's  Managing Director, Martin Michael splashed out the second Le100 million extra bonus to the 4/50 Jackpot amount in a promotion that was described as one month to Chrisman bonanza.

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