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12,Jul 2016
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Africell has concluded their 3G++ promo which has enable sierra Leoneans across the country to win various prices in cash and other mobile network friendly items. In all daily draws they have been doing in the past weeks, a number of individuals qualified for the grand draw that was slated for 9th July 2016. All seven qualifiers were brought to the studios of the African Young Voices television at the AYV Media Empire at Wesley Street in Freetown.

The draw which was manually conducted brought the 7 qualifiers together and all being part of the process. The guest of honor Mr. Salieu Turay - A blind man from the Milton Margai school for the blind did the pick for the grand winner. Amongst the seven qualifiers, the only female Tikdankey Marrah with telephone number 077-842-685 clinched the grand price of the Africell 3G++ racing car. Speaking to all qualifiers, they all expressed profound satisfaction with the process and the promotion generally. Speaking to Tikdankey in a brief interview, she expressed her profound gratitude to God and to Africell for delivering on their promise. Asked what her plan was after winning the car, Tikdankey responded that she is yet to decide as her mind is so full of joy. Tikdankey is the third among the seven siblings from their parents who all stay at number 101 kissy-bye pass road Samuels kissy in the eastern part of Freetown.   

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