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ADP Set For Bye-Elections

19,Aug 2015
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By Samuel Koroma

The Chairman and Leader of Alliance Democratic Party, (ADP) Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray has in an exclusive interview with this medium disclosed that his party would contest all elections and that the upcoming bye-elections in the country is not an exception.

Mr. Mansaray made this disclosure following the public notice recently issued out by the National Electoral Commission (NEC), on vacancies that have long existed at various constituencies across the country as a result of the death of councilors and most recently the death of the Member of Parliament in Constituency 107 Osho Williams.

The existing vacant position for which bye-election are to be held include Constituency 107 Western Area Urban District, Ward 10- Kailahun District Council, Ward 34- Kenema District Council, Ward 261- Bonthe District Council and Ward 329- Western Area Rural District Council.

According to the National Electoral Commission the said bye-elections are being slated for 14th November this year.

According to Mr. Mansaray this is a litmus test for them as a party, noting that they are mandated to participate in all elections within the country, be they Bye-Election, council elections or general elections.

He said the ADP is aware of the fact that the people need change, and therefore as a new born baby within the Sierra Leone political landscape, they as a party believe they can bring about the much needed change.

Currently, he said they are working on strategies and galvanizing their member to win the seat at constituency 107as according to him, the party is fully prepared to contest all five bye-elections. The ADP Chairman reiterated, that since the public notice from NEC was released, he has had close talks with some of his members at Kailahun and Bonthe respectively for the presence of his party to be felt in those parts of the country.

The ADP he said is prepared financially, mentally, morally and otherwise to face a political landscape that had already be dominated by two political parties in the country.

Members of his party, he said have begun expressing interest in the symbol for the Parliamentary seat of Constituency 107 . As a party he said they want to give equal opportunity to every peaceful Sierra Leonean in order to bridge the disparity between the poor and the rich, and also the haves and have-nots in society. “It is not about money,” he said, adding “ but we need people who can stand and make a difference in the lives of others.”

He concluded by stating that Kroo Bay fall within Constituency 107, but that noting has been done to ease the suffering of the people of that community.

“We are giving equal opportunities to every Sierra Leone that is interested in running for these seats provided they have grabbed the Alliance Democratic Party membership card,” he said.

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