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Investigate SALPOST now’-Demands Universal Times

18,May 2016
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The Proprietor of the Universal Times Newspaper, Editayo George Temple has called for an investigation into the financial status of SALPOST under the leadership, Mr. Samuel J. Koroma.

Temple has invited the National Public Procurement Authority (NPPA) to investigate the ongoing rehabilitation of the SALPOST building in a bid to confirm if procurement rules were not breached.


“We further request thorough investigation into the way and manner in which staff working at the SALPOST residence at Spur Loop are being paid, owing to the fact that their names are not on the SALPOST voucher and cash received by Mr. Koroma as salary on their behalf does not tally with what they are receiving monthly, thus depriving the government of the pay-as-you-earn-tax and the workers of their terminal benefits, gratuity and pension respectively, a case for the Sierra Leone Labour Congress,” a Universal Times press release stated.

The press release further raised concern over what they described as strange relationship between the National Commission for Privatization (NCP).

Temple claimed that SALPOST has not been subjected to an external audit since 2011 with no Company Secretary

Efforts to contact the SALPOST boss to comment on these concerns, as we go to press, proved unsuccessful, and we stand willing to publish his side if he so desires.

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