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Govt Sells Salone to China…?

04,May 2016
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The four track toll road has a nice plan but as a citizen, I am very apprehensive over a long term spillover effect that it may have on the socio-economic development generally. Imagine the only land access to the capital being on toll accessibility; have we ever considered what that would bring to our poor farmers and the meager products they take to the markets in Freetown?

It wouldn't be any mistake if there is going to be further hike in commodity prices. Transportation will further be affected gravely by extension.
From my understanding of roads of that nature, options are always created for people to choose between a longer or tedious route to a more comfortable one. That brings in a matter of choice and convenience for drivers.
Most roads in the United States and elsewhere for example were constructed with public funds and provided to users free of charge. Throughout history, the construction of roads has usually been viewed as a socially beneficial activity, thereby justifying the collection of public funds to pay for construction and maintenance. Roads provided the necessary means for trade to occur and those towns where they are aggressively built were more likely to have business boom for economic emancipation.
Unlike Sierra Leone, we are using other countries resources in forms of loans to do what we would have long done for our people (previous and current regimes)
In essence; Toll Roads makes it easier for driving safely, less traffic congestion, fuel efficiency and most importantly reliability. All these would have been even nicer if options would have existed for people who prefer the other. Except to say that ‘una want or not we dae mek de toll road’ as we mostly say in the common krio parlance. But is this really blowing a wind of fairness for citizens?
I am however looking forward to seeing this bring lasting positive outcomes for our people. On a different note, for me a toll road is nowhere closer on the list of priorities Sierra Leoneans really need. Is it to say that we'll end up working for Chinese people for a lifetime of indebtedness (25years) Being in a political office shouldn't be a blank cheque for politicians to do whatever they feel. Let's consider our context and act appropriately.

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