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SLBL MD expresses commitment

25,Apr 2016
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The Managing Director of the Sierra Leone Brewery Limited (SLBL), Willy Ngana has said that they are committed to invest in the production process.
He made this statement at the just concluded long service award ceremony where 15 staff were given awards at the company’s Wellington Industrial Estate production complex.
“We are committed to continue to invest in our production processes, sales and most important in the capacity development as we strongly believe that our biggest asset is the employee,” he said.

The MD also revealed that “Heineken, our major shareholder, continues to play an important role to support and finance the sustainability of our business but it is time for us to demonstrate strong resilience, zeal and discipline in transforming the performance of our beloved company.”
“This can only be achieved if we work as a winning team and abandon unacceptable behaviours. We should not tolerate any behaviour that compromise quality and performance,” he added.
Further maintaining “it is time for us to prove to the rest of the world that Sierra Leone Brewery Limited possesses the right leadership and capability to improve our business while satisfying consumers choices.”
“Now, as we sail into the future, he accentuated, “we have even a bigger goal to pursue. Our company and our country need us to sail on strong in a bold, daring and innovative spirit, taking on new challenges and exploring new opportunities along our way. So, let us keep up our good work. With your support and solidarity, we will certainly be able to propel Sierra Leone Brewery Limited into the next stage of development,” he emphasized.

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