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SLPP Are Political Prostitutes – ADP Blasts

20,Apr 2016
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Leader of the opposition Voice in Sierra Leone  and the chairman of the Alliance Democratic Party, Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray, Sunday, lashed out angrily at the favor-shopping strategy of the opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party, SLPP, suggesting that the leadership lacked moral focus, and had the feel of political prostitutes.


In a short Facebook posting, the leader of opposition, Kamarainba said he was triggered by media reports that a SLPP councilors in Kenema Town apologized to president Koroma for saying the president has not done a good job for the Kenema people and Sierra Leone as a whole.  Speaking to AYV, Mr. Kamarainba said the media report that stirred him to respond to the party and the councilmen in Kenema had these words: MKM argued that he believed SLPP have contributed to bringing the nation to its knees, the SLPP party has shown that it is not different from the ruling All Peoples Congress, APC, in ideology and that it is only interested in grabbing power.

MKM expressed anger and disappointment that the SLPP party, had gone to bed with the APC at the expense of the masses. MKM also, said the SLPP leaders are being recruited on what he termed the “come and chop” policy of the APC.

Lamenting that the SLPP leaders did not have any plan to develop ‘Salone’ Mr. Kamarainba said the mobilisation of the past corrupt leadership and other SLPP chieftains had basically shown that the SLPP leaders are only interested in power and ‘chop chop’ policy.

“By aiding and abetting the APC government   who have destroyed the country, the SLPP  has shown that it is only interested in power for the sake of power” Said MKM.

“ How can SLPP leaders believe that Sierra Leoneans want their tested and failed leadership to be rehabilitated after destroying the country”? He added.


Mr. Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray  challenged the SLPP leaders to tell Sierra Leoneans how that they are different from the ruling All Peoples Congress (APC ) they want to replace.

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